If this territory is characterized by something, it is by the richness and variety of its waters, going from the thermal areas to the ponds or pools that are distributed throughout its geography.

The landscape, the practice of active tourism, the gastronomy, can be common features to many natural spaces. But it will be very difficult to find one that has such a large thermal heritage and of such quality as the territory.

The Lobios spa is located in Riocaldo , and although the river that bears that name and gives it to the population center has icy waters, as befits a mountain flow, an aquifer with a generous flow accumulates under the subsoil that emerges as a torrent of eight liters per second, from different sources, at more than 50 degrees of temperature, and one of them, at more than 71, making it the warmest in the entire Iberian Peninsula.

The Mao River pools, the Vilameá Pools, the Olas Pools or the Seima Pool , are places that can be reached on foot and are signposted.

An obligatory visit for lovers of hiking and sports is the ascent to Corga da Fecha , which offers a landscape made up of rugged mountains combined with granite stone. They are a series of waterfalls in the final stretch of the Fecha stream that overcome a drop of two hundred meters in search of the embedded bed of the Caldo river. At each jump the waters pool, forming pools where the water acquires a beautiful bluish color.

The As Conchas and Salas reservoirs offer the opportunity to practice activities such as kayaking as well as hiking or mountain biking routes in their surroundings.