Quintela de Leirado

As the classic wrote, "it is the rivers that go to the sea". Many of them are geographically located in this tourist destination, starting logically with the Limia and the Arnoia, which cross it lengthwise and crosswise.

One of them is the Deva, which quietly flows through high and superb springs such as the Salto do Gato, in the Penagache highlands, and moves them, quietly, to sleep in the Miño, on the artificial lake of Frieira.

It is difficult to talk about Quintela de Leirado without the top of Penagache emerging from its foundations, because that is where the highest geodesic point in the region is located. It is also an enchanted place because of its direct connection with the bordering plateau and its intimate communion with old stories of smuggling. Ask the residents of Xacebás, who must be greeted when the traveler goes up or down.

It is also difficult to talk about Quintela de Leirado without mentioning the parish church of San Pedro, in whose altarpiece the traveller can find a somewhat unusual but reliable image if one sticks to biblical certainty. And this is the image of St. Peter Crucified with his head down. Apparently, it was like that, but it is not common, far from it, to see it like that in the churches.

Iglesia de San Pedro-Quintela de Leirado
San Pedro Parish Church

The traveller should start by the river, because through a cool and comfortable route he will discover corners that he may not have seen elsewhere.

Quintela de Leirado is one of the town councils of the region of Tierra de Celanova, located in the west of the province of Ourense.
It is located in a mountainous area, of rough topography, formed by the mountain range “Da Silva Escura”, the mountain range “Do Penagache” and the valley of the river Deva, one of the signs of identity of this council.

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