Geo destination "Terra de Celanova - Serra do Xurés"

Xosé Luís Méndez Ferrín used to say -and writing- that there is a magic triangle, or a "strange triangle", in the middle of which a singular way of being and being in the world has historically developed, which he popularized as an "Araiana" idiosyncrasy and which geographically is identified with the vertices of Celanova, Montalegre and Arcos de Valdevez.

Well, uphill or downhill, the case is that this tourist destination that we have called "Terra de Celanova-Serra do Xurés", perfectly attends to that social and human map in which the writer framed the stories of "Arraianos", our bedside book.

Moreover, it is recommended that the traveller should read this book (either in Galician or in Spanish) before consciously entering the corners of our paths, because through its pages he will find, even before asking himself some questions, many of our answers.

Answers about how we were and how we are. How we have been trying to adapt to the environment or what all those who came before us have done and bequeathed to us. And always with that imperceptible line on the horizon that we call "line" and that omnipresent "living stone" that since the night of time accompanies us and gives us our own personality. So much, I would dare to assure you, that it is very possible that he has already thought about the return, before he even leaves.

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Magical spaces, nature in its purest state, historical and artistic heritage, culture, water, stone, .... Open your eyes wide and soak up the sensations and emotions that each and every one of the experiences that this destination offers you. 

Visit it, get to know it, enjoy it. It will not leave you indifferent!

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  • Xacobeo 2021