Soon the light came to Muiños, despite its location bordering on the city. The light arrived, not without also causing negative effects, on having occupied great extension of lands of work and meadows of good pastures in which to his wide ones the cows were camping "piscas", in spirit "mixed" with the "barrosás" of the other side of the saw.

A casiña da moura
"A casiña da moura"

The traveller cannot approach this municipality without bearing in mind such a circumstance because what was transformed into shadow and light when the As Conchas y Salas dams were installed has today become a major tourist resource in the overall framework of this destination.

We are inviting you, the traveller, to look for some time to get to know - if you do not already know it - the nautical and leisure complex of O Corgo, on the waters of the As Conchas reservoir, where you will be able to see the collective commitment of a people to their project. And once you are accustomed to its waters, then put on your proper shoes and walk, that the slope is wide and surprising, either towards the north or towards the south, and you will be able to assault us on the way with unfinished pictures like the one of the sanctuary of Os Milagres de Couso, with enigmatic "casiñas de mouras" that have been greeting the sunrise and sunset from the highlands for millennia, colourful sanctuaries like A Clamadoira, and even abandoned villages, recovered and abandoned again, like Salgueiros, where the mountain goat had its new home when it returned, a century later, and now made its own colony on the vertiginous rocks of Fontefría.

Town Hall located on the valleys of the Limia river (Las Conchas reservoir) and the Salas river, bordering Portugal. It shares with the neighbouring country the Baixa Limia Natural Park, in the Xurés mountain range.
It is located 680 meters above sea level and has an area of 109 km².
It has a river beach with dammed water where you can practice different water sports and wide areas to enjoy nature.

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