We imagine the hiker sitting in front of the map of resources of the Xurés Natural Park, in its administrative headquarters, wondering: What do I do? There is so much road to travel…!

A Cela
A Cela

And the expression is literal, since if there is any road to be travelled while in Lobios, this is the reconstructed section of the Via Nova, the last great Roman road construction in our geography, very close to where today the peninsula changes its name and habitat, as is the Portela d`Home. And not so much because of its spectacular nature, but to be aware of how the organizational basis of our communications is still based on that advanced engineering that the Romans demonstrated in the first century AD.

Now, if what the traveller is looking for is spectacularity, without a doubt he has other itineraries: The Mines of As Sombras, the Corga del río Fecha, the Bowling alleys of A Cela, the high terraces of Prencibe, San Paio or Guende, in the lands of Araújo, the climb to Nosa Señora do Xurés or A Magdalena and the Pedra Furada, so hidden that in order to contemplate it the traveller must first enter Portuguese lands.

But also the enigma of the enchanted house of A Escusalla, located in lands of Aceredo and Compostela… Many are, therefore, the reasons why the traveller must make stop and board in a town that has known to reinvent itself and, from its Roman road mansion, to transform its thermal wealth the hotel bastion on which to seat its future - our future - tourist.

Lobios is a municipality in the region of Baja Limia in the province of Ourense, located in the Baixa Limia-Serra do Xurés Natural Park.
It communicates with Portugal through the borders of “Portela do Home” and “A Madalena”.

It has signs of the first human settlement of the Paleolithic, in the area of Riocaldo, with numerous Megalithic Monuments distributed throughout the region. Roman settlements have also left a notable mark on these lands, most notably the Aquis Originis camp in Baños de Riocaldo.

Famous are also its thermal waters to enjoy outdoors or in the spa located in the capital of the municipality.

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