Entrimo always had a stately air, perhaps because his own mother church carries a royal surname. Royal of royalty, I must say. And that impresses character!

Be it because of this or because of its own people, the truth is that Entrimo is a place that lets itself be seen with an affable air and with dominant surprises that help, once far away, the memories remain indelible for a long time.

It is enough to follow, upstream, the waters of the Pacín and find the Pozo Caído (Fallen Well), at the foot of the castro of Os Castelos, with its magmatic "pins" that preside over beautiful views of the Xurés.

Or, as an alternative, look for the "end of the world" in Olelas, where the paths are lost in the precipice of the worlds on the other side of the history, in the "veigas" of A Barcia. However, we should not miss the opportunity to measure our human dimension next to the "Castelo da Pica" or the "Penedo que toca", shortly after we have passed the crossroads of A Illa.

Penedo de Anamán
"Penedo de Anamán"

And that's how Entrimo is. As socially predictable, as enigmatic and brutal in geological terms. A world among underworlds watered by rivers everywhere. Rivers that quenched the thirst of the first humans who dared to enter them. Rivers that helped those who sought freedom when such a word was dangerous to see the light, to the north and to the south. And rivers, finally, that fed entire generations, thanks to their enormous mills, when corn was a precious commodity, however scarce and controlled.

Town hall located to the south of the province of Ourense, on the border with Portugal. It has an area of 84.52 km ² and a population of 1,166 inhabitants, according to the 2018 census, divided into five parishes, which are La Isla, Pereira, Entrimo (Santa Maria a Real), Galez (San Fiz) and Venceáns (Santo Tomás).

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