If any municipality in the region is fully identified with the River Arnoia, it is undoubtedly Cartelle. The land is made up of fertile land and farmland, which are combined in harmony with transition forests between the native vegetation and the forest exploitation that distributes the economy among its people.

Cartelle is a place where it is worth getting lost in its innumerable "tracks", which make you discover, without waiting, a beautiful Marian sanctuary full of devotion, such as As Marabillas; as you can see in the distance the powerful and evocative chivalrous promontory of what remains standing of the fortress of Sande or the family home of the pioneer of filmmaking in Galicia, Carlos Velo, in the very village that gives its name to the municipality.

Sanctuary of As Marabillas
Sanctuary of As Marabillas

Place that sounds like a bagpipe: The one that in Galicia and Latin America was played -with "Los Maravillas", her brothers- by the elegant Auria, the first woman bagpiper of our land.

And that sounds like horse hoofs trotting firmly on the old cart tracks, to later find rest in the O Mundil equestrian complex, a sort of horse sanctuary as well.

Cartelle is one of the Ourense municipalities irrigated by the Arnoia River, an emissary on the left of the Miño.

It covers an extension of 94 km2, fitting into the southwestern end of the Depression of Ourense that forms a broad intermediate step between the Miño Valley to the north and the high lands of the south of the province.

The Arnoia River, which bathes the entire southern sector of the municipality, as well as a wild and leafy landscape, offers the possibility of practicing the sport of fishing.

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