Barbadas, land of legends. The perfect place to enjoy impressive natural landscapes, just a few kilometers from the city of Ourense and where the visitor will always find treasures to discover and the tranquility that is sometimes longed for.

And touring the forests of Barbadas is to relive ancient legends. Some like “A Pedra do Tangaraño” are worth knowing. They say that boys and girls with rickets problems were taken to this place to be cured.

O Tangaraño

And among these forests full of stories, “A Fraga de Louredo” stands out, an ancient preserve until the 12th century. From the village of Santa Uxía it brings us closer to numerous streams, rocks, roads and trails previously traveled by stonemasons, farmers and winegrowers.
Ponds, fountains and mills surprise the walker. Even a fort that keeps numerous prehistoric vestiges to which are added others from contemporary times.

The melodies accompany each tour of Barbadás, whether it is the sound of nature, such as that of the water falling in the beautiful “O Pisco waterfall”, in Os Muíños, or those of the “Fole Bagpipe Museum”. , which invite us to learn about the history of this instrument so appreciated by nobles and rural farmers. And all of this takes our mind to an ancient time, in which the life that this unique territory once had is recreated.

O Pisco

We can also meet with the past in the “Loiro Ethnographic Museum”, a neighborhood initiative to preserve the memory of the town. The life and customs of the 20th century are recalled through a tour of the objects that have been donated. Life at home, farming tools and trades such as milkmaids or carpenters are exhibited in this place, as well as photographs that show social customs in a period not so distant in time but with important ethnographic value.