A Bola

Few people know that the municipality owes its name precisely to a large isolated granite "ball" that is in the town of the same name. It is a singular element, without a doubt, in the heart of a valley watered by the River Sorga, and of gentle hills that slowly rise until they generate what Méndez Ferrín calls the "hippopotamus loin" of San Cibrao de Monte Calvo.

Penedo de A Bola
"Penedo de A Bola"

This is a primitive place, with a small colony of dolmens with their central menhir, which announce the first human occupations -still nomadic- and which are placed before the small chapel dedicated to San Cibrao, which dominates the horizon towards the west, serving as a parapet for the rising of an equinoctial sun that takes us to the figure of Rosendo Guterres, the great maker of the region.

Lands of orchards and farms with ancestral reminiscences and emblazoned houses, used in San Munio de Veiga by the Hospitallers of Jerusalem and intimately related to the monastery of Celanova, both in the good times of the priories and enclosures of Santa Baia and Berredo - which the Portuguese Afonso Henriques wanted to conquer, as in the bad hours of the Civil War, in the curves of A Munia, a few hundred meters from Alto de O Forriolo, where even today echoes of some laments that nobody was able to tuck in, but death.

A Bola is a municipality of the Province of Orense in Galicia. It belongs to the Comarca de Tierra de Celanova.
It owes its name to a granite ball located in the place, which also gives origin to the shield.
It is located in a mid-mountain area, in the foothills of the eastern face of the Sierra del Leboreiro, at the foot of the peaks of Furriolo, Monte Calvo and San Ciprián.

It is crossed by the rivers Limia and Orille.

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